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Helping Childern

Hayden is the first of many!

Hayden was part of the inspiration for this foundation and he is the first to receive a CGM to help monitor his blood sugars. Here's what his mom had to say:

"A huge thank you to Tracy Herbert and the Diabetes Technolgy Advocacy Foundation! Because of them Hayden has received a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor). This is a life saving device that will read Hayden's blood glucose number at all times without a constant finger stick! We are so BLESSED to have be chosen by Tracy and her foundation! Hayden is so excited! Later today he will get to start wearing his CGM! This will be life changing for him! I am so THANKFUL that our lives crossed paths in August of 2017, when Tracy was riding her bike across the US to celebrate her 40th year of being type 1 strong & advocating for those living with it! A million thank yous!" ~ Sarah

Your support will help provide technology for children whose family can't afford it.