Founder, Tracy Herbert, a bestselling author of Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph, is a personal trainer and wellness coach certified from the Cooper Institute, and a national speaker. For over 42 years Tracy has lived with Type 1 diabetes and has worked to research and educate the public on diabetes awareness. She’s the host of the weekly podcast Your Diabetes Breakthrough where she shares strategies on living healthy along with providing the latest research and resources for people with diabetes.


As part of her outreach, Tracy completed a solo 3,527-mile bicycle trek from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge to provide hope and spread awareness about diabetes, which became the subject for her second bestselling book, Ride for Hope. In September 2017, Dr. Oz invited Tracy as a guest on the show to help spread the word about her bicycling journey, living with diabetes, and award her $20,000 for her nonprofit organization Diabetes Technology Advocacy Foundation.

Tracy Herbert with Dr. Oz receiving the foundation donation